BE A BALLER -"Building a lifelong legacy"

Clark Kellogg, CBS Sports Analyst - Building a Legacy in Sports

January 17, 2023 Coach Tim Brown, Uncommon Life Season 1 Episode 1
BE A BALLER -"Building a lifelong legacy"
Clark Kellogg, CBS Sports Analyst - Building a Legacy in Sports
BE A BALLER -"Building a lifelong legacy" +
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Show Notes

Clark Kellogg talks about  his journey from being a high school, college and NBA player has helped him to build a life long legacy in sports.

Clark was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and grew up in East Cleveland, Ohio. His father, Clark Sr., was a police officer in the Cleveland area. His mother was a homemaker, who the younger Clark called the ‘anchor’ of the family because of his father’s demanding work schedule. Unfortunately Clark’s mother passed away in 1994. Clark recalled telling his mother about how he wanted to become a basketball player. He recalled his mother saying, ‘If you are going to be a basketball star, you better put a sentence together on television.” Sure enough, Kellogg made sure that he did not disappoint his mother. This piece of advice has served him very well during his time as a broadcaster.

Although his playing career didn’t last long, Kellogg continued to make basketball his life. His knowledge of the game ended up being one of his best assets. Clark has been a CBS NCAA basketball color analyst for over 20 years. He is also  one of the familiar voices for those who play the NBA 2k games (starring alongside another legendary commentator known as Kevin Harlan). 

During his time with CBS, Kellogg made some special quotes to describe the game, "squeeze the orange",  ‘spurtability,’ which describes a team scoring points in rapid succession "to get to the dogs you have to run through the park", 'statsheet stuffer" and many others.

Faith has been the foundation of his life.  Clark credits Christ as his ‘all and driver of his life”. His favorite quote from The Bible matches the advice he was given as a young child: ‘Do unto others as you have them do unto you.’ He credited his parents for sharing that earlier in his life.

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