BE A BALLER -"Building a lifelong legacy"

PGA Pro Gerry Hammond, Building a Life Long Legacy in Sports - Be Counted Foundation

February 14, 2023 Coach Tim Brown, Uncommon Life Season 1 Episode 7
BE A BALLER -"Building a lifelong legacy"
PGA Pro Gerry Hammond, Building a Life Long Legacy in Sports - Be Counted Foundation
BE A BALLER -"Building a lifelong legacy" +
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Show Notes

Gerry Hammond is the founder of Hammond Golf Academy. Gerry is a PGA Teaching Professional who has always felt a call to service. After playing basketball at Ohio University in 1988 he changed directions accepting a golf scholarship to St Augustine University, where he served as team captain, winning several championships and awards. Upon graduation, Gerry played golf professionally competing on numerous tours before joining the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) and reaching the elite ‘Class A’ status.

As a visionary and change agent, Gerry accepted and began his gift of teaching, while focusing on youth and instilling the inherent values of golf, including lessons on honesty, integrity, discipline, academic excellence, teamwork, and service. And for nearly 25 years, he has been a beloved coach and mentor to hundreds of children throughout Ohio, using golf as a tool to open doors, leading to economic, professional and personal success.

Gerry never imagined, however, that his career in golf would lead to an even higher calling, until one night.
“It came in a dream six years ago,” Gerry says “God visited me and told me he wanted me to show His strength on Earth in numbers. In the dream I saw a silhouette of a t-shirt. It was a powerful vision and I felt compelled to carry out His charge.”

As the blueprint for a social enterprise emerged, Gerry made a personal commitment to God that he would invest 51% of the company’s net profits back into the global community. Gerry states that “InTheNumber® is not my company, it’s Gods company, He’s majority owner so 51% is going back to Him and His creation.” “This is all a pass through for us and what better way than to collectively come together as a human race, putting all of our differences and challenges aside and looking out for one another and the word we live in.”

The offspring of InTheNumber is the Be Counted Foundation.

Mission Statement: To curate a global “team” comprised of every individual with the mindset that personal and united accountability can enhance the world in which we live. Unity is the goal. Compassion is the guidance. Humanity is the gift.

Vision Statement: The Be Counted Foundation believes every individual can change the world. We work to build upon innate and unique human abilities within the scope of Education, Health, Human Rights and our Environment to equip the global race with the skills needed to make our planet a more inclusive and fruitful place to live for all.

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