BE A BALLER -"Building a lifelong legacy"

Randall Gaddis - Gaddis and Son - Building a Life Long Legacy in Business

February 28, 2023 Coach Tim Brown, Uncommon Life Season 1 Episode 9
BE A BALLER -"Building a lifelong legacy"
Randall Gaddis - Gaddis and Son - Building a Life Long Legacy in Business
BE A BALLER -"Building a lifelong legacy" +
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Show Notes

Randal L. Gaddis, I. became the president, CEO and owner of Gaddis & Son, Inc. in the late 90’s when his parents Willie and Vivian Gaddis, the founders, retired.  The vision of the company was borne in the mind and heart of a young Willie Gaddis as he and his family worked as sharecroppers in Mississippi. The dream of owning his own things and being in control of his destiny came to fruition in March 1971. As the company embarks on 52 years in the construction industry, Randal carries the burden of legacy into the 6th decade of business operation.  Sometimes the burden seems more than he can bare, but a strong faith in God Almighty, sense of purpose and support of family has enabled him to carry the torch for the next generation 

Faith in God; Family; Education; and Entrepreneurship are the foundations of that propel Randal Gaddis to be co-founder of a unique concrete delivery service with his son Matthew Gaddis, who represents the 3rd generation of Gaddis in the business.
Randal is also a co-founder of the Willie & Vivian Gaddis Foundation 4 KIDS (WVGF4K), a non-profit 5013c. Along with his sister Alethea Gaddis, the foundation exists to encourage African Americans to further their education by going to college, especially the HBCU and UNCF institutions. The foundation sponsors college tours to these institutions for high-school age students to raise their awareness of the rich heritage of these institutions and the opportunities available to them for continuation of their education. 

 Randal is married to Elizabeth (Booker) Gaddis. Their 41 years of marriage have yielded 4 sons who have all worked for the company in some capacity. Randal grew up in the First Church of God, City of Refugee. He currently serves as the Vice Chairman on the Board of Deacons under the pastorate of Bishop Timothy J. Clarke.

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