BE A BALLER -"Building a lifelong legacy"

Lawrence Funderburke - Building a Life Long Legacy - Momentum Dads

June 06, 2023 Coach Tim Brown, Uncommon Life Season 1 Episode 23
BE A BALLER -"Building a lifelong legacy"
Lawrence Funderburke - Building a Life Long Legacy - Momentum Dads
BE A BALLER -"Building a lifelong legacy" +
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Show Notes

Lawrence Funderburke is a devoted Christian and family man who is on a mission to improve the lives of everyone he comes in contact with. His Momentum Dads project is a challenge and practical guide to help dads and families grow.

Lawrence Funderburke (aka Mr. Fundy) is perhaps best known for his exploits on the basketball court. After the NBA, his life's purpose became much richer, clearer, and more meaningful: helping people build legacy assets—personally, professionally, financially, and spiritually.

A prolific writer and thought leader, Lawrence's most recent book, Momentum Play: How to Create It When You’ve Never Had It and Keep It Going Once You’ve Got It intersects sports with life, how to bounce back or move forward when your situation appears hopeless. “As long as you have oxygen in your body,” he says, “you have a shot in overcoming a painfully difficult or traumatic life.” His previous book, The Stewardship Playbook: Biblical Guidelines and Practical Tools to Handle God's Possessions with Diligence and Care assists fellow Christians in settling the issue of Lordship—in every area of life. He also wrote Sociopsychonomics: How Social Classes Think, Act, and Behave Financially in the Twenty-First Century, which tackles the growing wealth divide in America by helping readers understand the psychological and emotional hangups around money.

 As a highly sought after and seasoned public speaker on a variety of compelling topics, his inspirational story is a testament to his Christian faith and never-give-up mentality in the face of a difficult and dysfunctional, single-parent impoverished upbringing. 

He is well-versed in addressing the issues that confront for-profit and non-profit organizations alike, and can make a heart-to-heart connection with any demographic across the social class spectrum. He loves motivating and empowering people.

Lawrence and his wife Monya operate the Funderburke Institute of Financial Empowerment (F-I-F-E) and their non-profit arm, the Lawrence Funderburke Youth Organization (LFYO). They have two teenage children. 

 Visit or for more information on Lawrence's outreach efforts, speaking opportunities, and book orders.  



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