BE A BALLER -"Building a lifelong legacy"

Maurice Hall and Taja V. Simpson - Co-Stars The Harvest Short Film - "A Fathers Redemption Story"

June 13, 2023 Coach Tim Brown, Uncommon Life Season 1 Episode 25
BE A BALLER -"Building a lifelong legacy"
Maurice Hall and Taja V. Simpson - Co-Stars The Harvest Short Film - "A Fathers Redemption Story"
BE A BALLER -"Building a lifelong legacy" +
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Show Notes
OSU Maurice Hall transitioned from a collage and  pro football career into film and television. Maurice's life experiences and football career at The Ohio State University and with the San Diego Chargers allowed him to develop a mindset of perseverance. 

This special fatherhood month episode features Maurice Hall and  Taja V. Simpson co-stars in the short film - "The Harvest" - A fathers Redemption the story of Maurice Hall's father Ruben.  A young father in Miami, tempted by cocaine and fast money, must choose between being the Godly man his father never was or continuing to chase temporary fixes and risk his family's lives. 

 In 2009, his production company Mo-tivation Unlimited was formed with the purpose to produce content that focuses on five principles. Education, Faith, Work Ethic, Perseverance and Healthy Living. Maurice believes that if we all could encompass these five principles, that success is inevitable. Between acting, writing, and producing, Maurice has over fifty credits. As an Actor, Maurice has been seen in numerous highly rated television and film productions as you will see a few his acting credits below. As a Writer and Producer, he has written and produced television series and films that have garnered the attention of international distribution giants such as, Gravitas Ventures, Netflix, HBO, Amazon and more.

Taja V. Simpson is an actor, director, producer, keynote speaker, best-selling author, entrepreneur and studio owner! As a 4x award-winning actor, she has over 20 years of experience in acting with more than 60 credits in TV and film. Perhaps best known for playing Priscilla Owen in BET's, “Tyler Perry's THE OVAL”. Taja’s personal and professional journey has led her on a mission to help others embrace the power of believing in yourself, consistently doing the necessary work to evolve as a person, and ultimately become who you always dreamed you could be and live an authentic, full and purposeful life. In the essence of every role and every business venture Taja engages in this mission, which is always ever present. Believe. Evolve. Become.

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